Vertical Nagaimo Planter

Vertical Nagaimo Planter

This device allows farmers to plant the Nagaimo in standing posture to reduce their fatigue level.


This is an environmentally friendly machine that uses an electric power source to eliminate the generation of exhaust gas and noise.


  • Allow workers to work while standing to reduce level of fatigue.

  • Equipped with row detection sensors to detect and follow along the crop rows.

  • Electric (with built-in solar panel).

  • Equipped with covering mechanism (covers the soil neatly).

[Important aspects]

  • Overall length: 3250mm

  • Overall heigth: 2600mm

  • Overall width:  2000mm 

  • Battery life span: ±3-5 years

  • Continuous running time: More than 3 hours

※Assuming the machine runs on a flat field carrying seeds load for a distance of approx. 273 meter. It may also change slightly depending on the weather.

This product is a jointly developed by the Tokachi Industry Promotion Centre and the Fukuzawa Order Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.

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