Optical Seed Sorting Device LEO‐300D3F/600D3F 

​ Sorting Sample 

Red beanGood

Red beanDefective


Soy beanGood

Soy beanDefective

Optical Seed Sorting Device LEO‐300D3F/600D3F 

It is really difficult to perform the selection in the conventional, colour-based sorting mechanism. However, now, the removal of defective seeds can be done automatically by utilising the optical sorting system which is equipped in the high-speed image processing function.

With the latest image processing hardware and algorithm which are specifically developed for seed sorting, it can handle the continuous, mass-processing seed sorting operation which can be found in a place like seed sorting facility.


  • Hardware-based high-speed digital image processing.

  • Equipped with defective feature recognition programme.

  • Equipped with real-time abnormality detector which can shows the place of occurence.

[Sorting ability]

This device is a result of joint-research between Tokachi Industry Promotion Centre and Anzai Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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