Broccoli Flowerette Cutter

Broccoli Flowerette Cutter

This device can accurately cut broccoli flowerette in an easy and safe manner for only a few seconds. 


It is also suitable to process broccoli for manufacturing purpose that can take up the size of more than 2L, by utilising stainless steel knife and pneumatic power. 


It is also equipped with a small-sized ring adjuster to process smaller size broccoli.  


  • Mass:30㎏

  • Dimension:

    • width: 620mm

    • length: 300mm

    • height: 380mm

  • Processing ability: 720~1440pc/h

This device is a result of a joint-research between Tokachi Industry Promotion Centre (Tokachi Foundation) and Fukuzawa Special Order Agricultural Machinery Co., ltd. 

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