Nut Topping Processing Device

Nut Topping Processing Device

This device can automatically process nuts into nut topping for baked cookies products. It can also measure the determined amount of nuts and automatically supply the nuts.


  • Count the fixed number of nuts and processes it into topping for the cake/cookie mold.

  • Can handle up to 4mm thick grain of nut.

  • Can measure the fixed amount of nuts by using optical sensor.

  • Customisable amount of topping and processing columns.

  • Custom size can be ordered to meet the line.

【Specifications(2-columns type)】

  • Mass: 61kg

  • Dimension:

    • width: 1055mm

    • heigth: 216mm

    • length: 332mm

  • Processing ability: 800pc/h

※It can handle more than 4mm thick grains/seeds of nut 

This device is a result of joint-research between Tokachi Industry Promotion Centre and Yokoyama Iron Works Inc.

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