Emergency Stop Device 

Emergency Stop Device 

It is a device for stopping the tractor while riding on a working machine used for harvesting crops, or to control the vehicle speed remotely.


Compatible with the new model tractor from the big company, Yanmar (Osaka), this device can confirm the speed of the vehicle, alter the velocity and stop the vehicle instantly.

[Main features]

  • Compatible with Yanmar Tractor YT series

  • Can switch between in-car operation and remote control operation

  • Emergency button to halt the vehicle 

  • Switch control for running / stopping

  • Volume control for accelerator / main shift

  • Switch control of PTO ON / OFF

  • Miniaturisation of in-vehicle unit by using board

This device is a jointly developed product between Tokachi Foundation Tokachi Industry Promotion Center and Fukuzawa Order Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.

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